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New: Showcase Your Event Photos with Custom Photo Websites

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PicPic Social is a great tool that allows you to create social media photo kiosks for your photo booth or photography company. Your guests can easily share their event photos via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter Email, and text message during the event. But what about after the event? How can your event guests access their photos then?

With PicPic Social EC we gave you the ability to upload your event photos to your online gallery and a very easy way to send the photos to your client using our auto delivery feature. This would email your client with a link to download a zip file of all your event photos. However, we didn’t really make it easy for you to allow event guests to see their event photos. To do this, you had to use our embed feature. The nerd in us thought this would be the best idea ever. However we quickly found out Event Cloud users didn’t want to create a new page for every event and then copy and paste the embed script… it became pretty tedious.

Introducing Custom Photo Websites…

Your custom photo website is 100% hands off. Enable gallery upload in your event settings for Event Cloud and PicPic Social does the rest. As photos are taken at your event, the PicPic Social software uploads the photos to your gallery. We automatically create the page and everything for you, you don’t need to fuss with embed scripts anymore.

In your Event Cloud account go to My Gallery and choose a URL for your photo website. An example is acme.imgpickup.com. You provide this URL to event guests and they can go there to see all of the photos from your company and browse your gallery.


What are the features?

Right now the gallery is basic. We wanted to give our Event Cloud users the ability to easily showcase their event photos and then learn based on feedback what features to add.

Here are a list of the current features:

  • Custom colors – Design the site with your company colors
  • Custom website logo – Add your company logo to showcase your brand
  • Custom URL – Select easy to remember URLS to provide guests to access their photos
  • Site Navigation – Provide links to other parts of your company website

The most obvious feature request will be password protected galleries and social sharing, both of which are coming in the next few weeks. Other features will be the ability to capture email address and names of gallery visitors. Let us know in the comments section what other features you would like to see with custom photo websites.

How do I get started with creating my custom photo websites?

  1. Create a free PicPic Social Event Cloud account (30 day free trial)
  2. Sign into Event Cloud (http://cloud.picpicsocial.com)
  3. Click on My Gallery in the navigation

You won’t see any photos in your gallery until you have uploaded photos. Click here to learn how to upload photos to your Event Cloud gallery.

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