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What sharing options should I enable when using PicPic Social?

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This post is inspired by a question I saw recently on a forum but gets asked a lot. PicPic Social has the ability to share branded content (photos, video & GIF) directly to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, email and via text message. But, with all the sharing options available, which should you enable? The simple answer is to enable all of them, but by doing so you are missing out on a great opportunity to use PicPic Social to its full capacity as a marketing tool.

To get to a better answer, ask yourself, “What are my goals for incorporating social media sharing at my events?”

Let’s define your goal

It’s great to say you want to offer event guests the ability to share their photos & videos online, but why do it in the first place? Are you doing  it because everyone else seems to be doing it? That’s not a good answer and as cute as they are, don’t be a lemming! I actually think it’s a horrible answer and a waste of your time and money. Running a photo sharing software like PicPic Social is an investment so you need to think about your ROI and how to best take advantage of the opportunities

If you use PicPic Social, you are able to market yourself through the social network of event guests via branded shared media content. Your goals should be determined by what outcome you are looking for. A little confused? Start by asking yourself the following questions:

  • Are you looking to gain more visibility on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram?
  • Do you want to start building an email marketing or text marketing list?
  • Are my client asking for social media uploads?
  • What are my clients social media goals and how can I help them achieve them while setting proper expectations?

By answering the questions above you are on a better track to maximizing your social media kiosk as a tool to help grow your company.

If you are looking to gain more visibility on Facebook, Twitter Instagram you should only enable these options and limit the choice of your guests. If given the option, your guests will likely only share via email. Ideally you want to get even more granular when selecting social media channels. Is your Facebook activity busy but Instagram pretty sparse? Disable Facebook & Twitter, only allowing the choice for Instagram.

If your goal is to build an email marketing list, PicPic Social is the bees-knees  (did I just say that?)! When guests share via Twitter & Instagram & text, PicPic Social can’t collect emails. However PicPic Social can collect emails from direct email shares & Facebook posts. If e-mail marketing is the direction you want to head in, only enable Facebook & Email.


Keep your audience in mind


Your event guests might give you side eye if you don’t support their social media of choice so choose your sharing options accordingly. If you’re doing an event with social media and the audience is 50+ it wouldn’t make sense to have Instagram as the only sharing option. The demographics for Instagram are in the 14-30 range. Twitter is for a more business or tech-centric crowd, and the kids aren’t on Facebook like they used to be!

Email & text are pretty universal, but again BASE IT ON YOUR GOALS! If you have a plan for text marketing make sure you enable text messaging so you can capture texts and run your campaigns accordingly. It all starts with defining what your goals are and then working towards it. Hopefully this post helped to jog your brain to discover what those might be!


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