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3 Ways to Maximize your PicPic Social Usage

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PicPic Social has a lot of powerful marketing features that can help you or your clients increase your presence on social media. You are using PicPic Social as a marketing tool right? Well, you need to be taking advantage of the built in tools that will help you achieve your marketing goals. Here are our top picks of easy things to start doing right now so you’ll be prepared for your next event.

1. Apply a watermark to your photos


Every photo shared using PicPic Social should have your branding front and center. Make sure you take advantage PicPic Socials ability to automatically place a watermark on every photo taken. The watermark should be clearly visible so if anyone wants to contact you they know who to look for. You can go a step further by adding your full contact information using the watermark. However, keep things classy! Don’t go over the top with branding and don’t place your watermark in a place that can cover peoples faces.

2. Link your website on social media posts

You can set a predefined wall message when sharing to Instagram, Facebook & Twitter with PicPic Social. If you are doing a corporate event make sure you are putting your client front and center and ask them what message they want to be shared with each photo and what hashtags they want to include. Corporate events don’t give you much room to add your own message so make sure you keep it about your client.

For private events, shout out your clients event and drop a link to your own site to let people know whose responsible for all the awesome photo fun!

i.e., Photobooth fun at John & Janes Wedding | Photo booth by ACME Photobooth Co! www.acmephotobooth.com

3. Customize your email content

E-mail is the most popular sharing method at events with PicPic Social. There is a lot  of branding and promotion opportunity available when using email sharing and you should be taking full advantage of it.

Login to your Event Cloud dashboard and go to the email editor to customize your e-mails.

When editing and creating your emails, make sure you include the following:

  1. Thank the user for being at the event and using the kiosk.
  2. Name of your company & logo
  3. URL to your website
  4. Telephone number
  5. *BONUS* Link to an online gallery where guests can view the rest of the event photos

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