PicPic Social Threefer Bundle!

All good things come in three's right? Right! Check out the all new bundle from PicPic Social that gives you all the Threefer goodness you could ask for! Our new Threefer Bundle gives you PicPic Social for iPad, Android, & PC all for the price of one single PicPic Social license! You now have more options than ever before when implementing a social media kiosk for your company, and PicPic Social lets you use your favorite devices to accomplish the task! Instead of buying separate licenses for each type of station, you make one purchase and now you'll get a license for each type of station you want to setup. PicPic Social for iPad & Android - Lets your guests share event photos from an iPad or Android tablet. PicPic Social lets your guests share images right from within the photo booth PC or from an adjacent PC acting as a social sharing station! This Threefer Bundle is only available for a limited time, take advantage of the offer and get it while its hot!  

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