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Introducing PicPic Social Event Cloud with Online Event Setup, Microsites, Impressions Reporting!

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What is PicPic Social Event Cloud?

PicPic Social Event Cloud is a new service based on the current PicPic Social software. PicPic Social EC adds a new online dashboard component that allows photo booth operators and event photographers the ability to setup their events online using a website dashboard. From the Event Cloud, operators can enable and disable sharing options for their event, edit messages to be posted on social media, create e-mail templates from the event, and more! Again, this is all done from the Event Cloud, so your attendants on site only have to login to your account and select their event.

Who is PicPic Social EC for?

PicPic Social EC is for photo booth operators and photography companies who cater to corporate clients who need advanced marketing tools at each event. PicPic Social EC has many features that may be useful to current PicPic Social users, but are not a necessity for events such as weddings and birthday parties. PicPic Social EC was built on the PicPic Social framework, but all the essentials needed to provide powerful marketing insights and data for corporate clients have been added to meet the needs of demanding clientele.

What are the Features of PicPic Social Event Cloud?

Online Event Setup – Setup your events from ANYWHERE in the world! You no longer need to worry about setting up your PC to get your PicPic Social settings ready for your next event! Many operators who do corporate events ship computers from place to place, or run multi-ops where they do not always have easy access to the photo booth computers. With PicPic Social EC, as an owner you can setup your events remotely , ensuring every detail is correct and let your attendees focus on customer satisfaction and engagement!

Post Images to Social Media – Images can be shared directly to social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, E-mail & Text Messaging.

Microsites with Vanity URL’s – Instead of sending images directly to users in an e-mail, you can now have images posted to a branded microsite. When images are posted to a microsite, users will receive their image as a LINK which will direct the user to the Microsite. This is perfect for generating traffic to branded pages and increasing the number of impressions for your client.

Online Data Capture – PicPic Social now collects all gathered names, e-mails, and more and stores the information within the Event Cloud! You now have easy access to your data without having to load PicPic Social on your PC and looking for the excel spreadsheet. From the Event Cloud, you can download the data as a CSV and e-mail the data capture information to your clients.

Analytics & Impressions Tracking – The Event Cloud also tracks how many messages were posted to Facebook, e-mail, text messaging, etc! We take this information and tell you how many potential impressions you have acquired for your client at the end of each event! You can also use this data to push your operators to promote a particular channel if your client is really looking to kick ass on a particular segment.

What happens to the current version of PicPic Social?

PicPic Social & PicPic Social EC will continue to be developed jointly. Again, PicPic Social EC was built to give users who do primarily corporate events an edge and the tools they need to satisfy demanding corporate clients. We will continue to add those features as needed while the current version of PicPic Social will continue to be improved as well.

How much is PicPic Social EC?

PicPic Social EC is a monthly subscription staring at $39 per month.  If you don’t want to subscribe, you can pay $20 per each event.

How Can I get Started With PicPic Social EC?

  1. Sign up for a PicPic Social EC account at http://cloud.picpicsocial.com
  2. Download the PicPic Social EC Server
  3. Download PicPic Social EC onto the iPad
  4. Read/watch the setup guide

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