Core features

Everything you need & more!

Share photo, video & gifs

Share photos, videos, gifs & VR directly to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, E-mail or text live from the event

Microsites +Web Galleries

Direct guests to branded microsites to share and increase impressions or host all your event pics with us

Hashtag Printing

Automatically download & print Instagram + Twitter photos with a specific # with your customized layout


More Kick Ass Features


Data capture & Analytics

You can view and download the list of e-mails and names of guests who shared onsite & offsite, view impressions and reach data, and build & export reports as pdfs for your clients


Follow Ups

Automatically trigger e-mail follow ups/autoresponders for those who share via Facebook or e-mail. You can use follow ups to create more impressions, or book more gigs



Customize PicPic Social to fit the look and feel of you or your clients brand. You can customize the colors, the app background and you can change the Welcome & Idle screens.



Run 1 or 1000 events simultaneously. Using our cloud based platform, PicPic Social will allow you to create & execute events no matter where in the world they are taking place


Works Offline

PicPic Social can work offline if you don’t have internet or your internet speeds are very slow. Sharing requests are saved until internet speeds improve and send out automatically.


Weekend Support

Get support for you and your staff when you need it. Weekend support is available from 10am-10pm EST on Saturdays & Sundays. 


Our App

Check out the user experience!

How it works

PicPic Social works using wi-fi and automatically transfers your files to a “sharing station” once it’s created. From the sharing station your guests can find and share their files.

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What our clients say

Works very well without issues to send Emails, Facebook postings, and Instagram updates, we have multiple booths in operation each weekend and never worry about PicPic working.

Jeffrey Tacy

The customer support has ALWAYS been top notch. To be able to get a hold of someone within an hour to help troubleshoot an emergency problem….well…doesn’t get much better than that!

Gabriel Ortiz
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*during the trial, there will be a DRAFT watermark on your photos.