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The Photo Booth Platform for Business

  • Sharing Stations for 360, DSLR, or Mirror Photo Booths
  • QR Sharing for 360 photo booths (works offline without internet)
  • Virtual Booths for virtual, in-person and hybrid events
  • Live Slideshows of all your photo booth photos, gifs & video

Sharing Stations for 360, DSLR, & Mirror Photo Booths

Give event guests a way to share their photos, gifs, or videos directly to social media. Your client gets increased impressions, leads, and a social media buzz like no other.

QR Sharing for 360 Photo Booths (works without internet)

Setup QR Sharing for 360 photo booths where guests can view and or download their videos. Works 100% offline without internet!

Virtual Photo Booths for virtual, in-person & hybrid events

Deploy photo booths anywhere in the world to create user engagement, capture leads and promote your clients brand online.

Photo booth templates for iPad, 360, DSLR & Mirror Photo Booths

Over 5000+ photo booth templates you can edit from your browser. Includes all the graphics you need to create amazing virtual photo booth events.

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