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Big A** Analytics Update (1 of 2)

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We just finished rolling out Part 1 of 2 of our “Big A** Analytics Update”. At PicPic Social, our core goal is to be the #1 social media sharing platform for your events. This goal involves providing you the tools you need to wow your clients and show off the results you deliver every event.

What’s New in Analytics?

Analytics has been broken into 3 main sections:

  • Overall Analytics
  • Sharing Station Analytics
  • Microsite Analytics

Overall Analytics


Will show the total # of shares for the sharing stations & the microsites combined. You’ll get a 30 day look from the event date in a graph showing overall sharing activity.


Sharing Station Analytics


This page will show sharing data that happened at the sharing stations. If you do a multi-day event using the same event  it will show you all activity that happened on the sharing station for each day. Using the same event for multiple days is only available on the Agency plan.


Microsite Analytics

Microsite analytics is where most of the updates come from in Part 1 of the Big A** Analytics Update.


Microsite Sharing Daily Activity

This section will show a daily running count of the shares from the microsite. This graph will stop growing after 30 days from the event date.

Overall Sharing & Reach

This section shows a complete running tally of all shares, impressions, & reach of all the microsite pages combined.

Overall Microsite Analytics


This section is a complete breakout of all the pages that compose your microsite. You Can see the following data from this table:

  • # of views for each page
  • # of unique page views
  • # of shares for each page
  • # of Facebook shares
  • # of Twitter shares
  • # of Facebook comments
  • Time spent on each page
  • Average time spent on all pages (total)

Visitors Referred from Email, Text & Direct Visitreferral-visitors

This section will show you where you sites that link back to the microsite. You can also gauge how many users came to the microsite from clicking the link in email or text message sent from your sharing kiosk. Direct visits are those where the visitor copied and pasted the link into a browser window.You can also see how many of those people who visited the microsite interacted by sharing or commenting.


Visitors Referred from Social Media


  • Visitors referred from social media – This shows you how many people visited the microsite from social media. Meaning, Visitor A posted the link to their wall and Visitor B clicked the link. You can also see how many of those people who visited the microsite interacted by sharing or commenting.

The new data data on the microsite analytics section will allow you to answer the following questions:

  • What page had the most shares (Facebook, Twitter, Email, Instagram)?
  • What page had the most Facebook comments?
  • How many people are visiting because of a link shared to Facebook or Twitter?
  • How many people are visiting because they clicked the link in their email or text message?
  • How much time are visitors spending on each microsite page?


Who are your visitors?


  • Gender –Shows the gender of those visiting your microsite pages (M/F)
  • Ages – Shows the age group of those visting the microsite pages
  • Places – Shows the geographical location of those visiting the site

If you are not seeing this data populated it is because you do not have enough traffic to the address.


Whats’s next in our Big A** Analytics Update part 2?

Hashtag printing analytics & updated Reporting! Hashtag Analytics will be included in the next major update for Analytics. You’ll be able to see how many photos were captured during the event, the number of likes, impressions, and tech generated from the event. All of this will be available to download into beautiful pdf reports you can deliver to your clients.

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