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PicPic Social is getting a facelift that will soon be available to iPad, Android and PC versions of PicPic Social. You can expect the following in the upcoming release of PicPic Social:

Improved sharing workflow & photo review


The workflow for sharing with PicPic Social has changed to make things easier for your guests to quickly understand what to do when using your kiosk and so they can confirm they want to share any photos that have been selected.

We’ve also added an Idle screen that is showed when there is no activity at the kiosk. The Thank you screen lets the guests know that sharing is completed. Event Cloud users can upload custom graphics for their Idle & Thank you screens.


Custom colors through the entire app


So we mentioned above you can customize the Idle & Thank You screens for PicPic Social, but you can also customize the color scheme for PicPic Social to match your brand or your clients brand! Custom colors & Idle/Thank You screens are available in Event Cloud only.

Advanced data capture


If your guests are sharing via email you can prompt for their full name.  Or if guests are printing from the kiosk, you can ask for their email only or full name & email!


Who is eligible for the update?

The new update is available for PicPic Social for iPad, Android & PC users who are using Classic & Event Cloud. Custom branding & advanced data capture are exclusive features of Event Cloud. If you are using Classic and outside of your 1 year renewal period there may be a $99 upgrade fee.


When will the update be available.

The update will be available in 2 weeks for iPad, Android & PC versions of PicPic Social.


Sign up for PicPic Social EC!

New to PicPic Social? PicPic Social allows your event guests to share photos, videos, and gifs to social media t your events. Click here to learn more or click here to sign up for a demo.

If you are not already using PicPic Social EC, you can sign up for a free 30 day fully featured trial! Click here to sign up.

If you are using PicPic Social Classic & want to switch to Event Cloud, you can trade in your existing license for credit. Click here to learn more!


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