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Upcoming changes to Facebook sharing for August 2018

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On August 1, 2018 Facebook is rolling out an update that will impact how sharing to Facebook works when using 3rd party applications. Specifically, you will no longer be able to upload photos directly to the album of a user. The only way to share directly to a Facebook users page will be via a Microsite link. These changes are being made by Facebook in the wake of Cambridge Analytica and the resulting fallout.

How does this affect PicPic Social?

  • Shares to Facebook will be slower
  • You may have an extra step setting up Microsites
  • All users will have microsite access
  • Classic will no longer be able to share to Facebook

Shares to Facebook will be slower

Shares made to Facebook will no longer be added to the queue. This means any share made to Facebook must be uploaded right then and there from the kiosk. The share will not be sent to the Device Server where it can continue to retry if your internet is slow. It will be more important than ever to make sure you have at least 14MBP download and 4MBPS upload speed minimums to upload to Facebook live at events.

You may have an extra step setting up Microsites

You may want to customize your microsite page so when someone shares it better reflects your or your clients brand. This is an extra step but our microsite are pretty easy to setup.


All users will have microsite access

Microsites were once a feature limited to specific plans, but we will give all PicPic Social EC plans the ability to share to Facebook. However, there will be a PicPic Social footer at the bottom the microsite unless your plan gives you the ability to remove it. If Microsites are already a feature in your plan, you will have the new ability to hide the PicPic Social footer. If you did not previously have microsites as a feature, you will have to upgrade to a plan that will allow you to remove the footer.

Classic will no longer be able to share to Facebook

The new way to share to Facebook requires the photos be hosted (saved online). PicPic Social Classic doesn’t have the ability to host photos anywhere. Because of this, Facebook sharing will no longer work for classic. When you install the updated PicPic Social sharing apps, Facebook will be disabled if you are using PicPic Social Classic.  If you are a Classic user and want to migrate to Event Cloud, we have plans starting at $19.99 with 3 credits per month that roll over. Contact us and we can set you up on the plan.

What’s next?

The updated app will be available from the app stores within 2 weeks. We will send an email to users to inform them of the changes. If you have any questions email support@picpicsocial.com or start a live chat.


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