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End of life for PicPic Social Classic

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Important note: This post is ONLY about PicPic Social CLASSIC. Event Cloud (EC) is not affected.

TLDR: PicPic Social Classic will not receive any updates after December 31, 2017. You can trade in your PicPic Social Classic license for credit toward event cloud until November 31, 2017. After November 31st, 2017, PicPic Social Classic licenses will not be eligible for trade-in credit. If you want to trade in your Classic license for credit submit this form here.

The long version…

As of December 31, 2017, PicPic Social Classic will no longer receive any updates. PicPic Social Event Cloud (EC) will be the only version of PicPic Social that will continue to receive updates. If you are new user and you are unsure of which you have, it’s easy to tell. If you run PicPic Social and click “run in classic mode” then you are using PicPic Social Classic. If this is not you, then the changes described in this post will not affect you. If you are still confused about if you use Classic or EC, please start a live chat so we can assist.

Why is Classic being retired?

We are making this change so that we can better support and update PicPic Social EC for the future. Right now we have two different apps to update and maintain, so it can be problematic and it is a drain on resources. There are also some updates we haven’t been able to make because of how it would conflict with Classic. By focusing on only Event Cloud, we can build PicPic Social fully how we want to without any restraints and provide a better experience for you and your clients.

I am a Classic user, how will this affect me?

After December 31, 2017, there will be no additional updates to PicPic Social Classic. If there are any changes to Facebook, Twitter, Email, Text, or Instagram after this period, users using PicPic Social Classic may be affected and these features may break and may stop working completely. Changes to iOS or Android may  also impact Classic users and cause features to break and stop working.

I am a Classic user, what are my options?

  • You can continue using using PicPic Social Classic
  • You can trade in your licenses for PicPic Social EC credit (until November 31, 2017)

You can continue using Classic indefinitely, but please note, at some point certain features may stop working and they will not be fixed on PicPic Social Classic. After December 31st, 2017, no additional updates will be made for PicPic Social EC.

Alternatively you can trade in your existing Classic license for Event Cloud credit. The amount of credit you receive will depend on how old your license is and will vary for each user. If you want to trade in your existing license for credit toward PicPic Social EC click here to find out about your trade-in value. 

I just renewed my Classic license and I don’t want to switch to EC

When you purchased your renewal, you paid for 1 year of updates and 1 year of support. We will honor this by giving you an Event Cloud account that matches all the feature you currently have in Classic. This account will only be valid until the end of your renewal period.

Doesn’t EC cost a billion dollars per month?

No! PicPic Social EC has flexible pricing and costs as little as $5 per event. If you are a Classic user that wants to make the switch to EC, please contact us using one of the following channels:

  • Call 844-494-7228
  • Start a chat at picpicsocial.com
  • Email support@picpicsocial.com

I want to move to EC and get credit for my Classic license

Perfect! Sign up for an EC account here and contact us here to find out your trade in information.

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