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Three Things Smart Photo Booth Owners Know About Social Media at Events!

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There are many ways to use social media with your photo booth company, but smart photo booth owners know three key ways to use social media and social media kiosks to help build their company.

Not many  photo booth companies know this and it’s either because A) they are not engaged with social media on a personal or business level or B) they don’t really know or understand how to utilize social media to its potential. Where do you stand in this mix?

For the uninitiated, we’re  sharing this and showing you the three things that smart photo booth owners know about social media at events!

1. Your Guests Can Advertise Your Company for You!

Each person who uses your PicPic Social sharing kiosk can be seen as a digital billboard that can provide you a certain number of “impressions” or visibility via social media. These impressions are measured by how big their Friends list/follower base is. For example, if a guest has 500 friends on Facebook, they can provide you up to 500 impressions. Thats up to 500 people who will see the image posted online! That doesn’t include friends of friends who will see the image and any associated messages via Likes & comments.

PicPic Social gives you the ability to get your message across or advertise your company on these users walls when they post their picture online. You are by default marketing to the friends of these people when they post their image online. The message doesn’t have to be intrusive or flagrant, but a subtle message like “Photo booth brought to you by www.myphotoboothcompany.com” is a simple enough way to let people know who delivered this awesome experience and how they can find you!

Smart photo booth owners know to take advantage of this endless supply of free marketing by having a social media kiosk at every event!

2. Selling Social Media to Corporate Clients is a Gold Mine!

Companies small and large spend tends of thousands and up to millions on advertising via social media and collecting demographic data. Why not get your company in on a piece of the social media marketing action? Using the same principals as above, you are able to provide this valuable marketing service to your corporate clients.

You’re able to give these corporate clients tangible impressions through Facebook posts, Twitter Posts & E-mail delivery. You’re photo booth & PicPic Social can be used as their social media marketing solution, giving your clients an increased online presence, the ability to increase their Facebook Likes, & and valuable demographics and customer contact information.

Smart photo booth owners know the high value businesses and organizations have on social media, and are helping these businesses increase their own online visibility while adding to the photo booth companies bottom line!

3. There is Money to be Made with an E-Mail Marketing List

E-mail marketing is one of the most effective forms of online marketing. As a matter of fact, PicPic Social does it when you sign up for your trial with us. We send you a series of automated messages that have the goal of helping you get familiar with the software and how it can benefit your company. What’s good for the geese is good for the gander right?

Use PicPic Social to get started with E-Mail Marketing and watch what it can do for your company. Getting started can be as easy as implementing the software at a bridal show, or a high visibility event where you are providing the photo booth as a donation. At this event, use PicPic Social to create an e-mail database where you can send offers for a photo booth rental that include discounts, links to your online gallery, or give more information about company! The content of the e-mail can be anything, but the ultimate goal is to get the e-mail reader back to your site to learn more about your company.

You can also use the data capture ability as another value add for your corporate clients. Again, they pay THOUSANDS if not MILLIONS for data on prospective clients, using PicPic Social can help you provide this data to your clients.

Smart photo booth owners know using social media kiosks to build a contact database they can market to will help increase their business!

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