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Super Simple Wireless Slideshow with Google Chromecast & Wi-Fi Slideshow

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Have you heard of Chromecast by Google? It’s an HDMI device that plugs directly into your TV or other display and can accept video input from multiple devices. It’s primarily used to cast video from your Android device or iPhone/iPad directly to your TV, but we have a cool new use for it! Google Chromecast can now be used to create a very simple wireless slideshow using Wi-Fi Slideshow! 

Before, with Wi-Fi Slideshow, you needed two computers to take advantage of the wireless feature of Wi-Fi Slideshow. You  needed “Computer A” which would send images to “Computer B”. Computer A would be your photo booth computer, or the computer tethered to the camera that is taking photos. From there, Computer A would wirelessly transmist the photos to Computer B. Computer B would be a large screen all-one-computer or a small laptop connected to your TV or projector by HDMI, VGA etc.

With the new Chromecast update for Wi-Fi Slideshow, you no longer need to spend extra money and use two computers for your slideshow setup. All you need is Computer A and a Chromecast connected to your  TV/Projector. Our new setup will save you money, allowing you to forgo spending cash on a new computer, and you don’t have to lug that new computer with you! All you will need these days is your photo booth computer, the Google Chromecast, and a TV/Projector!

How Does it All Work?

chromecast slideshow display

As stated before, Computer A will now transfer all images from the photo booth to your Chromecast connected TV. All existing images will transfer to the Chromecast device and be displayed in the slideshow. New images will automatically be added to the Chromecast slideshow as they are taken at the photo booth computer.

What are the Benefits of Wi-Fi Slideshow at My Event?

Many photo booth companies offer an “interactive slideshow” as an upsell to clients. Depending on how elaborate your setup is, you can charge anywhere from $100 and up. The slideshow will help draw attention to the photo booth and let people know what is going on in the area. The slideshow also helps entertain your guests who are in line waiting for their turn in the photo booth.

Also, Wi-Fi Slideshow has a built in advertising feature that will display a series of ads mixed into the regular slideshow. This is a great feature to promote your company or client to those watching the slideshow!


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