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PicPic Social has moved to the cloud!

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Some time last year, we made the announcement of PicPic Social Event Cloud. We made PicPic Social Event Cloud available to the general public but didn’t harp on it much. It was there, but in the background we were learning how our early adopters wanted to use it and what value a platform like PicPic Event Cloud offered to these companies and their clients. We’ve officially fully moved to the cloud with PicPic Social EC and the “older” version of PicPic Social as you know it is now being referred to as PicPic Social Classic.

Here are some of the features PicPic Social has to offer:

Online event setup

We heard from a lot of our users they want the ability to setup their social media settings from anywhere. PicPic Social Event Cloud lets you do that with the online dashboard. With the PicPic Social EC dashboard you can log into the system from anywhere and prepare for your event.

For anyone looking for a better way to maximize their time, there is no better way than with the online event setup. You can create events days, weeks, or months ahead of time. When the event date comes, all you have to do is login to Event Cloud from your workstation and select your event. All your event settings will be automatically downloaded.

This will reduce your event setup time and eliminate errors that may be caused by attendants who select and input the wrong messages for the sharing station.

Remote event monitoring

If you don’t do your own events, it’s often a challenge to see how much action is going on without checking in on the attendants every 30 minutes. Remote event monitoring is an overall feature of the PicPic Social EC dashboard that allows you to view the quality of photos being taken at the event, many many photos have been taken so far, and how much sharing is going on at the social media stations.

Automatic Photo Upload & scheduled delivery

One of the biggest challenges with running photo events is the work that happens after the event. That’s the process of uploading the photos to your server to make them available on for event guests to see. PicPic Social EC removes the tedious work with our photo hosting & scheduled delivery features.

PicPic Social EC photo hosting comes with all versions of PicPic Social EC. If enabled, all photos taken at the event will be automatically uploaded to the Event Cloud gallery. You never have to lift a finger.

Couple the automatic photo upload with scheduled delivery and you are on a path to automation. With automatic delivery, you schedule a date and time for all the event photos to be delivered to your client. When that date and time comes, PicPic Social EC will create a zip file of the photos and e-mail a link to your client.

Online data capture, analytics & impressions

To review the data such as names and e-mail addresses acquired by PicPic Social Classic, you would need to launch PicPic Social on your workstation after the event. For photo booth companies, that meant lugging the entire setup into the office and putting everything together. If you are lucky, you are running on a laptop and just need to bring that in. However, many companies have switched to all-in-one computers such as Surface Pro’s which are mounted inside the computer. All of this makes reviewing the event data and sending it to your client a giant pain in the tookus.

PicPic Social EC relieves this burden with our online data capture reporting. During the event, your data is uploaded in real time to your Event Cloud dashboard. You can review the information using any browser on your phone and or tablet… or from any computer in your home or office!

We’ve taken the data capture feature a bit further and now provide analytics & impressions reporting. The PicPic Social EC dashboard will show you how many shares happened for each platform and the number of impressions obtain by each sharing option.

How much does PicPic Social EC cost?

PicPic Social EC is a monthly subscription service with unlimited usage starting at $39.99 per month or $49 per event. For a limited time we are allowing users with existing licenses to trade their license in towards credit for PicPic Social EC. View plans & pricing here!

[button title=”CLICK FOR TRADE-IN INFORMATION” icon=”icon-calendar” icon_position=”left” link=”http://ypv.69c.myftpupload.com/trade” target=”” color=”blue” font_color=”” large=”0″ class=”” download=””]


I want to learn more about PicPic Social Event Cloud

If you want to learn more about PicPic Social Event Cloud, we can schedule a one-on-one demo, taking you through the dashboard and showing you how everything works. The demo takes about 45 minutes and we suggest having your workstation available.

If you do not want to schedule a demo, you can use PicPic Social EC free for 30 days yourself.

  1. Click here to sign up for a free PicPic Social EC account
  2. Click here to read the PicPic Social EC Setup Guide

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What happens to my existing PicPic Social Classic license?

Your existing PicPic Social Classic license will continue to work and we will continue to update PicPic Social Classic so that it continues to function. We will be adding functionality to PicPic Social Classic, so no, we have not abandoned our loyal PicPic Social users who have helped us come so far! However, there are many major requests we have received that will only be available in PicPic Social Event Cloud.

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