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GIF & Video Sharing Now Available

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PicPic Social for iPad & PC now supports video and GIF! You can share photos, videos, and gifs to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Email and Text. PicPic Social Classic users can only share video and gif to Facebook and Twitter.


To start using video and gif with PicPic Social…

you need to update your device server and the PicPic Social Sharing Station. Go to the downloads section to download the latest server and PC sharing station. If you are using an iPad, go to the app store and download the latest version of PicPic Social.

If you already have PicPic Social Classic…

You can trade in your existing license towards credit for PicPic Social EC. Call us at (800)-916-770r or email support@picpicsocial.com to see how much credit you can redeem.


New to PicPic Social?

Sign up for our free 30 day trial and get started. We offer free one on one demos allowing you to learn how to setup PicPic Social and what all the features do. Setup a one on one demo here or click here to get started with PicPic Social yourself.

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