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Event Cloud now supports Teams to make your events go smoother!

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PicPic Social Event Cloud now has a new Sub User feature that allows you to give others in your company access without sharing your password. With Sub Users, you can create the following types of users:

new users

  • Admin – Can handle billing, create new users, create new events, and can view all events
  • Manager – Can create new users, create new events, and can view all company events
  • Operator – Can only view their own events

As the admin or manager you’ll want to create “operators” and assign events to your operator when you create events. Operators can only see their own events from the PicPic Social Device Server and they can only see their own event when they log into the online dashboard.


All plans (including the $19.99 Newbie plan) includes the new Sub User feature. Login and add your first Sub User today!

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