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[WATCH] Device Server Changes

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PicPic Social Device Server will be released Monday March 28, 2016 with changes to the following features:

  • Watch Folder Setup (Event Cloud + Classic)
  • Hashtag Printing Setup (Classic Only)
  • Email Setup (Classic Only)

PicPic Social Classic user

This is an optional update. However, if you do not update you must create your own paid Mandrill + Mailchimp account. The default email sending keys for PicPic Social Classic will stop working by  April 26, 2016.

To read about why these changes are happening, please read our previous post.

PicPic Social Event Cloud users: 

You must update your device server by April 26, 2016 to avoid service interruption. The latest device server will update you to the latest email servers. You do not need to do anything else except update your device server. 

Three Main Changes

  • Watch Folder Setup (Classic & EC) – You must click ADD on the general tab to select a watch folder. You can add more than 1 watch folder from this general tab.
  • Hashtag Printing Setup (Classic Only) – You must click ADD on the general tab to add your hashtag printer as an image source.
  • Email Setup (Classic Only) – You must create a SENDGRID account or use SMTP to send emails with PicPic Social


Sendgrid is the Mandrill Alternative

We are replacing Mandrill with Sendgrid. They have a free account that you can sign up with that allows you to send 200 emails per day. Past this point you need to upgrade to a paid account.

SMTP as a Second Option

You can use your own SMTP server to send emails with PicPic Social. You will need to contact your host to learn how to send emails with SMTP and to get your SMTP details. Some hosts have daily limits on outgoing emails. If you go over this outgoing email limit your host may block additional email sending outside of the limit.

Migrate to PicPic Social Event Cloud

PicPic Social Event Cloud users are not directly affected by the email change, but they must upgrade to the PicPic Social Device Server 2.6.5+ by April 26, 2016. If you are a current PicPic Social Classic user, you can trade in your current classic license for credit toward PicPic Social Event Cloud.

If you would like information on how much credit your existing license is worth, use this page to submit a request.

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