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Upgrading to PicPic Social 3.0 (iPad)

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PicPic Social 3.0 is now available in the app store. If you update to the latest version in the app store, you must also update your PicPic Social Device Server to 2.4.0 or greater to avoid issues. To update your PicPic Social Device Server, please visit the download section of our website. PicPic Social – Device Server 2.4.3 requires .net Framework 4.5 so Windows XP users will not be able to run it! If you are on XP, please use Device Server 2.4.1

Whats new in 3.0?

  • Improved connectivity – PicPic Social on the iPad has been rebuilt from the ground up to specifically address connectivity. There is a new connectvity indicator in the top right hand corner of PicPic Social that shows your connection status.
    • Green = Connected
    • Yellow = Disconnected but retrying
    • Red = Disconnected
  • Instagram – Previously, only users in our Testflight system could use the Instagram version of PicPic Social, but now everyone with a PicPic Social Pro license access.
  • Multi Server Selection – PicPic Social can now recognize multiple servers on the same network. When PicPic launches it will find the servers on the network and you choose which you want to connect to

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