This Free Connectify Alternative is A Bad-Ass App

Connectify is a bad-ass app that let’s you turn your PC into a hotspot and share internet access with your devices. This comes in handy in situations where you want to use venue wifi, but your iPad or other mobile device can’t lock onto the single. Or, if you’re using Picpic Social on the venue wifi and the iPad can’t find the PC due to a firewall on the router. We’ve run into that problem ourselves and Connectify was always clutch in these situations. We love it so much that we bought a lifetime license, even though the Lite version did everything we needed for free.

Unfortunately for some people, Connectify changed it’s free Lite version and removed internet sharing. This means you could no longer use Connectify with apps like PicPic Social. In search for an alternative for our users, we’ve come across MyPublicWifi. Another bad-ass app that lets you create a Wifi hotspot on your PC and then share the internet to your iPad.


We’ve tested this app and it works flawlessly as a Connectify alternative when used with PicPic Social. Setup in easy and straight forward. Install it, confirm your settings and click “Start Hotspot.” Use your other device (presumably iPad) and connect to the newly created hotspot. Run PicPic Social as normal and you’re in business!