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The Facebook App-pocolypse has arrived!

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The Facebook App-pocolypse arrived on April 30th, 2015. As of this day, custom app IDs created for Facebook will no longer work unless your app has gone through application review by Facebook. Read the rest of this to find out why this has happened and what you can do about it.

Why did this happen?

Last year May 30, 2014 Facebook implemented a security feature for users called “Login Review.” Login Review shows a window where users logging into Facebook could opt out of special permissions some apps were asking of users. Some apps were pretty invasive in this nature and Facebook wanted to a create a way for users to limit the amount of data apps could gather from users.

This makes sense from a privacy stand point and from a user experience stand point. Facebook wants its users comfortable when Facebook but it also wants to limit shady apps that use the data they acquire to spam people to death.

How does this affect me?

Your custom app that says “via My Company Name” when users post to Facebook will NOT work unless you go through application review. If you have a custom app that has not been reviewed you need to go through the application review process so Facebook can grant your app the permissions needed to post to Facebook.

Some features may no longer work when using your own app ID such as the following:

  • Predefined wall message
  • Facebook Likes
  • Facebook auto upload

Predefined wall messages

Facebook has updated its policy so that apps cannot post a message to the Facebook wall of a user unless the user has typed the message themselves.

Facebook Likes

Because of login review, Facebook Likes will not currently work. Our PicPic Social app does not have the “Like” permission approved but we are currently working on it.

Facebook auto upload

If you are uploading only to your own business page this will continue to work. If you are uploading to a clients business page this will not work unless they make you the admin. If you are the admin of a page and you are using your own app ID, Facebook will still let your app function as normal. Other users trying to use your app will be blocked until your permissions are granted.

What is application review?

You create your own app for Facebook and submit a request to Facebook to grant your app permission for use. Each permission you request will be reviewed by Facebook and they will determine if your app will be allowed to use the requested permission. If your app doesn’t add value to the user or is against Facebook policy, Facebook will deny your request.

So what should I do?

The PicPic Social app ID has all the needed permissions needed to allow your guests to post their photos to Facebook, minus the Facebook Like feature which we are working on. For now, do the following:

  • Upgrade PicPic Social to the latest version
  • Disable the Facebook Like feature
  • Use the PicPic Social Facebook ID (138056636351993)

If you want to create your own custom Facebook app, read this guide.


Leave a comment below if you’ve got a question about the changes! We’re happy to provide a much information as we can.

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