PicPic Social


Shorten your lines.
Increase your reach.

Allow event guests to share their experience to social media while you increase your online presence.

  • Share photo, video & gif
  • Capture marketing leads
  • Works with all booth software 

Share photo, video & gif to social media

Use PicPic Social to share photos, videos & gif from your event. You can share to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Email & text.

Capture marketing leads

Prompt guests to enter contact information that can be used for future follow up and marketing efforts. 

Works with all photo & video booth software

Our software works with all popular photo booth, slow-motion and 360 video booth software on the market. 


Custom Branding

Customize Virtual Booth experiences match the brand or theme of you or your clients event.


We'll keep it our secret. Remove our URLs and branding to offer a solution that's your own.

Moderation Tools

Don't get photo bombed. Manually approve photos before they end up in the gallery.

Online Gallery

Updated live. A repository of all photos and gifs from your event Virtual Booth Experiences.

File Delivery

Send all media of the Virtual Booth experience to your client in one click.


Need help or a pep talk? Support is available to help or remind you how awesome you are.

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PicPic Social is available for a free* 14 day trial.
No credit card and no payments required.

*During the trial photos will have a watermark.