Setup Guides

If you are new to PicPic Social, you should start with the video guides onion this Must Read Guides section. If you are looking to setup a social media sharing kiosk, start with the guide for social media sharing. If you want to setup a hashtag printer start with the hashtag printing guide.

Must Read Guides

  • Social media sharing setup – Use this guide if you want to create a station where event guests can share photos, videos, or gifs to social media.
  • Hashtag printing setup – Use this guide if you want guests to post a photo to Instagram or Twitter and you want to automatically download and print.
  • Common troubleshooting – Learn common tips and tricks that will help you as you use PicPic Social

Event Sharing Options

  1. Instagram sharing
  2. Facebook sharing
  3. Facebook – Automatic uploads to business Facebook page
  4. Twitter sharing
  5. Twitter – Automatic upload to single Twitter account
  6. Email sharing
  7. Text sharing
  8. Printing photos

Web galleries & File delivery

Customization & Branding

  1. How to watermark photos & videos
  2. Customize background for iPad Stations
  3. Customize background for Android Stations
  4. Customize background for Windows PC
  5. Using custom color on the sharing station
  6. How to customize the Thank You & Idle Screens

Gif Creation

  1. Basic animation setup
  2. Adding overlays to gifs
  3. Animated gif overlays

Disclaimers & Opt In

  1. Basic disclaimers (short)
  2. Advanced disclaimers (long)
  3. Opt in


  1. Sharing station cannot find the server
  2. Email sharing not working
  3. Facebook sharing not working
  4. Twitter sharing not working
  5. Instagram sharing not working
  6. Text sharing not working