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Live Slideshows for your 360, DSLR, or Mirror photo booth clients

Setup a slideshow that automatically updates; and rotates with the latest photos, gifs, and videos from your 360, DSLR, or Mirror Photo Booth.

PicPic Slide

Setup a live slideshow that entertains your guests, and also allows them to download their photos, gifs, and videos directly to their phone (without internet)! PicPic Slide is made for any photo booth experience, but works especially well with 360 videos!

Live Slideshow

PicPic Slide is a live show that displays photos, gifs, and videos. As your photo booth captures these files, the slideshow automatically adds them to the mix.

QR Sharing (works offline)

Enable QR sharing so guests can connect to the slideshow and download their files directly. Our QR Sharing works offline so internet speeds wont be a factor for you!


Fully Brandable

PicPic Slide is 100% brandable… allowing you to customize the look to fit your brand or the aesthetics of your client event. 

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