Wi-Fi Slideshow: PC to PC Setup

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Wi-Fi Slideshow is intended to create a wireless slideshow setup. You can run Wi-Fi Slideshow directly onto your computer that is creating and saving the photos, or you can wirelessly send these images to another computer that is connected to a TV, Projector or other external display.

The following terminology is vital to using the software. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY.

  • Server PC – is the computer that will be creating the photos.  This may be your photo booth computer or the computer being tethered to the camera.
  • Client PC – also known as the slideshow PC. This is where the slideshow will be viewed, or the computer that will be connected to your display via VGA, HDMI etc.

Steps Needed

  1. Download & install Wi-Fi Slideshow
  2. Configure Wi-Fi Slideshow on the Server PC
  3. Configure Wi-Fi Slideshow on the Client PC

1. Download & install Wi-Fi Slideshow

Download the Wi-Fi Slideshow application from www.picpicsocial.com. To access PicPic Social’s download section you must first create an account. If you already have an account, login and you will be able to access the download section.

If you will be saving photos to one PC, but another computer will display the slideshow, make sure you download and install Wi-Fi Slideshow onto both computers.

2. Configure Wi-Fi Slideshow on the Server PC

mode select - wifi ss

  1. Launch Wi-Fi Slideshow on the server PC and select “server” from the mode selection. The Server PC is the computer that will be capturing the images i.e., your photo booth or tethering pc.

watch folder select

  1. Select the “watch folder” – This is the folder containing your images
  2. Click Start. The server is now active and will be transferring images to the Slideshow PC once it connects.

2. Configure Wi-Fi Slideshow on the Client PC

1.) Select Chromecast/Client mode on your Client PC then hit “OK”





Wi-Fi Client











Wi-Fi Slideshow - PC2PC Setup

  1. Select Server – Choose “Server” as the monitored folder. If you see “server not found” please make sure both computers are on the same network and that your firewalls are disabled. Click Refresh to try again.
  2. Select your advertisements folder (optional) –  Advertisements will be displayed in between your regular event photos
  3. Select output – Select the screen the slideshow will be displayed on. If you only have one monitor, you will only see one output device listed
  4. Start Wi-Fi Slideshow – Press Start to begin the slideshow