Why do my pictures say DRAFT?

in Troubleshooting


This only happens AFTER the first 3 photos have been added to PicPic Social.

Why am I seeing DRAFT on my files?

  • You on the free trial & have not selected a plan.
  • You are doing pay-per-event & have not published your event

You on the free trial & have not selected a plan

During the free trial of PicPic Social, this DRAFT watermark will be applied to your photos. If you want to use PicPic Social at an event without the watermark, you need to enter your billing information & select a plan.

To start a plan & remove DRAFT:

  1. Login to your dashboard – Click here to login
  2. Add your billing information – Click here to add your billing info
  3. Select a plan – Click here to choose a plan
  4. Update the device server – Run the PicPic Social Device Server & press UPDATE so it downloads the latest settings.

You are doing pay-per-event & have not published your event

Your photos will have the word “DRAFT” over them until you Publish the event. Publish the event in the Event Cloud and then update the event from the Event Cloud Server so the changes are downloaded.

To publish the event & remove DRAFT

  1. Go to the Events Dashboard
  2. Click Actions >> Edit next to the event you want to fix
  3. Confirm the event date is correct – otherwise your photos will say “DATE PENDING
  4. Update the event
  5. Publish the event – In the events list click PUBLISH on the event you are using. If billing is not setup, you will be prompted to setup billing.
  6. Update the event – On the PicPic Social Server press UPDATE to download the latest settings


  • My photos still say DRAFT – You did something wrong in the steps above.
  • My photos say DATE PENDING – You set the date of your event to some time in the future. Contact support so we can change the date for you. If support is not available and you need to use the event immediately, create a new event and contact support during normal business hours. We will refund you for the incorrect event you created.