Why do my photos say DATE PENDING?

in Troubleshooting


This only happens AFTER the first 3 photos have been added to PicPic Social.

Your photos will have the word “PENDING” over them until your event date has arrived. Example, if you set your event date to June 17, 2019, PENDING will be applied until that date has arrived.

Note: This can only be fixed if the event is NOT published. If the event is published, you will need to create a new event.

To correct the issue do the following:

  1. Go to the Events Dashboard
  2. In your events list click Actions >> Edit
  3. Update your event date to the correct event date
  4. On the PicPic Social Server running press STOP on the PicPic Social Server running on your Workstation
  5. Press UPDATE so the PicPic Social Server downloads the published information
  6. Press START on the Server again so the images can be processed
  7. Completely close PicPic Social on your sharing station
  8. Open PicPic Social again on your sharing station and reconnect


My photos still say DRAFT

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