First Time Setup Guide



  1. Table of Contents
  2. Register for PicPic Social Event Cloud
  3. Download & install the device server
  4. Configure the device server
  5. Download the sharing station software
  6. Connect the sharing station to the device server
  7. How to Create and edit events in the dashboard


If you are new to PicPic Social, this is the first thing you should read/watch. Each step in the process has a video that will show you how to setup PicPic Social. To get started, register for PicPic Social Event Cloud.

Things to Know:

  • During the trial, photos on your sharing station will have a “DRAFT” watermark
  • If you have an active account, when testing before your event date you will see a PENDING watermark
  • You should ALWAYS bring your own internet to EVERY event. Never rely on venue wifi!
  • Rock always beats paper.