How to Disable your Windows Firewall

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This error occurs for one of a few scenarios. You may experience all of these scenarios all at the same time.

  1. You did not install the PicPic Social Device Server on your workstation.
    1. If you are using PicPic Social Event Cloud  – Click here and go to step 1
    2. If you are using PicPic Social Classic – Click here and go to step 1
    3. You did not press START on the PicPic Social Device Server
  2. You are using your own internet hotspot but you have windows firewall enabled – Continue reading to fix this
  3. You are using venue or another source that is not your own and they have a firewall – Continue reading to fix this, and then click here to read about how to setup Connectify

This guide will only help you fix scenario #2


Steps Needed

  1. Access your firewall settings
  2. Disable both Private & Public Network settings
  3. Try to reconnect PicPic Social
  4. Additional Troubleshooting

1. Access your firewall settings

If you are using Windows 8…

  1. Access the search by holding  windows key + F at the same time
  2. Select the option to search ‘Everywhere’
  3. Type in ‘Firewall’
  4. Click ‘Windows Firewall’

If you are using Windows XP thru Windows 7…

  1. Press the windows key key to open the Start Menu
  2. Click into the the search bar
  3. Type in ‘Firewall’
  4. Click ‘Windows Firewall



firewall enabled



If any part of your screen is GREEN you must disable the Window firewall.

  1. Click on ‘Turn Windows Firewall on or off’


*If you see a banner across your firewall settings indicating they are being managed by a third party anti virus, scroll down on this guide for further instruction. 


2. Disable both private and public network settings


firewall disable


  1. To disable your Private network settings, click on ‘Turn off Windows Firewall’
  2. To disable your Public network settings, click on ‘Turn off Windows Firewall’
  3. Click on ‘OK’ once you have disabled both networks to save your settings


firewalls disabled


After you save the settings, your screen will look like the image above.


3) Try to reconnect  PicPic Social

  • After you have disabled your Windows Firewall. Make sure you do the following.
  • Press ‘Stop’ on your device server
  • Kill your Android or iPad app

-Kill the iPad app by double clicking the home button and swiping up the PicPic app 

-Kill the Android app by clicking on the task manager *to the left of the home button and swipe away the PicPic app


  • Once this is done restart your server and reopen the PicPic Social app

*If you are still getting server not found see additional trouble shooting steps below. 

4) Additional Troubleshooting

-Using office, venue or home internet?

  • If the above steps were followed and you are still having connection issues, your network connection may have a hardware firewall that you can not access to disable. * Connect to another network (ideally your own personal hotspot)  and try again.

Hints, tips and smart advice:

– If you do not have an additional network to connect to, don’t worry! All hope is not lost. We recommend trying to use a program called Connectify. This could aid in overcoming hard firewalls as well as keep a good connection between your two devices. Click here for more information.



-Are you seeing banner pop up on your firewall settings page that says ‘ These settings are being managed by… ‘ As seen below?



firewall by mcafee



  • This is a clear indication that you have a third party anti virus enabled and the firewalls on this may be enabled as well. Some examples of this software are Mcafee, Norton etc.


-What do I do?


  • Depending on which software you are using, search your PC the same way you did for your firewall settings, for the anti virus.
  • When you have it pulled it, go to settings and search for the firewall settings within that software and disable them


Disable my anti virus settings:

*If you do not see your software here, you can refer to your guide that came with the software, youtube it or contact the company for further assistance.