Basic Wi-Fi Slideshow Setup

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Wi-Fi Slideshow is intended to create a wireless slideshow setup. You can run Wi-Fi Slideshow directly onto your computer that is creating and saving the photos, or you can wirelessly send these images to another computer that is connected to a TV, Projector or other external display.

Steps Needed

  1. Download & install Wi-Fi Slideshow
  2. Configure Wi-Fi Slideshow


1. Download & install Wi-Fi Slideshow

Download the Wi-Fi Slideshow application from To access PicPic Social’s download section you must first create an account. If you already have an account, login and you will be able to access the download section.

2. Configure Wi-Fi Slideshow

First choose the option for Chromecast/Client mode.

wifi mode


Next we will configure the settings screen:


wifi config

  1. Select local and then choose your watch folder from the drop down section.
  2. If you have decided on advertising yourself, the event you are working, congratulating the celebrant etc. select from the drop down the advertisement you have created and saved to show between your event images.
  3. If you have created an overlay for your images please select it un this drop down.
  4. Select your output/ display screen
  5. Select your image rotation
  6. Choose the amount of time to view each image
  7. Choose the amount of time for each transition
  8. Decide how often you will see your pre selected advertisement. (if you have skipped step 2. this does not apply)
  9. check the box if you have decided on using 2×6 strips
  10. Check each box that you would like to use for transition effects.
  11. Press Start!

[alert style=”warning”]While the slideshow is running, you can press “ESC” on your keyboard to exit the slideshow![/alert]