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iOS 9 +Texting Issues with PicPic Social

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iOS 9 has been released and there is a known issue with PicPic Social where text messages are not delivered to users. This is  similar to an issue faced by some users of PicPic Social and iOS 8, however the issues are separate.

To fix the issue for both iOS 8 and iOS 9, please update to the TestFlight version of PicPic Social.

From what we have seen, everything else with PicPic Social and iOS 9 works perfectly fine. Texting is the only feature that was affected, but is fixed by using the TestFlight beta.

Also in the TestFlight:

  • Gif Sharing
  • Video Sharing


Click here for instructions on how to access the TestFlight version of PicPic Social.

If you need help with this, call us at (800) 916-7705.

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