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How to Setup a Photo Booth Slideshow that Autoupdates

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Setting up an autoupdating photo booth slideshow has been never been easier! Wi-Fi Slideshow, our new auto-updating slideshow software makes it incredibly easy to create a slideshow of all your photo booth images, whether it be the individual images of the composite photo strips.

The best thing about this photo booth slideshow software is that it can operate via Wi-Fi. This will make it incredibly easy to sync photo booth images from your computer to another computer running the photo booth slideshow software that will display the images.

An additional benefit of our photo booth slideshow software is that you can display advertising after so many images are displayed. For example, you can show your company logo every 5 images, or you can display a congratulatory message for your client. The possibilities are endless!

If you want to get up and running with photo booth slideshow, check out the 7 day trial for Wi-Fi Slideshow!


[button title=”DOWNLOAD THE 7 DAY TRIAL” link=”http://ypv.69c.myftpupload.com/trial-download/” target=”_blank” color=”” size=”large”]

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