You Capture the Experience

Whether it’s photos, videos, gif or VR, if you can capture it, PicPic Social will help you share it. PicPic Social works with any software that saves a digital file to your computer. It all starts when you install the PicPic Social Device Server to your “workstation”. Your workstation is the computer you are using to save the final files you want guests to share.

PicPic Social Device server will monitor the folder you select and will automatically transfer the saved file to your “sharing station”.


Look Ma, No Wires!

PicPic Social connects your workstation to the “sharing station” via wi-fi connection. When both the workstation & sharing station are on the same network, the PicPic Social software will talk to each other and transfers the files.


Awesome Experiences

Share any experience to social media. Using PicPic Social guests can share directly to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, email and text message.


Use iPad or PC Sharing Stations


PicPic Social works on iPad and PC. You can use any iPad or touchscreen PC you want as a sharing station. The sharing station is the device your guests will use to find their files from your event.


Powered by the Cloud

PicPic Social is powered by the Cloud. You login to our online dashboard where you create “events”. An event contains the settings PicPic Social will use and will allow you to turn on and off certain features for your guests. For example, you can create an event where guests can only share via email and text.
 Start your free PicPic Social trial today. No credit card is required and there is no commitment.
*during the trial, there will be a DRAFT watermark on your photos.