We truly believe PicPic Social & social media sharing stations at events are marketing tools for yourself or for your clients. If you’re not using PicPic Social as a marketing tool, you’re not using it right! Because of this belief, we have added a new feature to PicPic Social called Follow Ups.


With Follow Ups, you can automatically send a email to anyone who uses the PicPic Social sharing station during or after the event. You can send a Follow Up with more information related to your client or you can use Follow Ups to grow your own business in the following ways:

You can schedule follow ups in the following manner:

How can I create a Follow Up?

You can setup your Follow Ups by choosing Actions >> Follow Up from the event list.

Follow Up Analytics

When using Follow Ups you get overall analytics about performance. You can see how many Follow Ups were sent, how many opens and which links got the most clicks.

Best practice when using Follow Ups

When creating a Follow Up, create a goal and stick to a singular focus of the email content. If your goal with Follow Ups is to increase the number of online reviews you have, stick to one review site and only include a link to that site. Commit to sending a Follow Up email after every event and see how many reviews you get after 4-8 events.

If your goal is to ask event guests to inquire about booking your service, say this directly in the Follow Up and include a link directly to your booking or inquiry form. Commit to sending a Follow Up email after every event and see how many additional inquires you get because you used Follow Ups.

Who can use Follow Ups?

Follow Ups is available only on PicPic Social Event Cloud. Right now it is available for ALL account for the next 30 days to test it. After the 30 days, it will be available on every plan EXCEPT the Newbie plan. If you are a PicPic Social Classic user interested in moving to Event Cloud you can trade in your existing license for credit. If you are completely new to PicPic Social

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