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Launch a Six Figure Virtual Photo Booth Business in Eight Weeks

Virtual Photo Booths are the future. This eight week accelerator will equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to be ahead of your competition.

Everything You Get When You Purchase Today:

Virtual Booth Accelerator

This eight week accelerator will teach you how to launch a virtual photo booth business that services brands and local businesses. You will receive 8 modules with over 16 hours of training along with step-by-step instructions, workbooks and homework to complete.

Live Group Coaching

Join me for live group coaching sessions where we answer questions about the course content and specific questions about your business and local clients. 

Virtual Booth Academy Community

Live support from our private community from all over the world. These community members have gone through the same training and are here to help you succeed. 

Course Outline

Module 1:  Introduction
This course will give you the overview of Virtual Photo Booths as a stand-alone business and what to expect through the rest of this course. 

Module 2: Picking your niche
There are hundreds of niches that can take advantage of virtual photo booths. This module will go in-depth on the niches that will be most profitable so that you can better focus your time on the clients who will appreciate what you can offer.

Module 3: Digital Marketing Primer
At the heart of operating a successful virtual photo booth business, you need to be a competent digital marketer. This module will give you the overview of digital marketing and the role you will play.
Module 4: E-Mail Marketing
E-mail marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing available. 
Module 5: Social Media Marketing
At the heart of operating a successful Virtual Photo Booth business, you need to be a competent digital marketer. At the end of this module you will be competent in social media marketing and email marketing. This competency will help you promote your own business but will more importantly translate to you being an asset for local businesses.
Module 6: Virtual Booth products & pricing
Each business you approach has different needs. Understanding their needs is important before you can offer a solution. This module will break down the products and services you can offer your clients and how to price yourself accordingly.  

Module 7: Creating & Executing your Marketing Strategy
In Module 2 you learned digital marketing. In this Module, we execute on what you have learned to get your first leads and start closing those deals!

Module 8: Delivering for your clients
In Module 2 and Module 4 you learned you how to execute for yourself. In Module 5 we will teach you how to execute and deliver so your clients are successful and you can start closing more deals!

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